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Acrylic Panels

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The reasons that people choose to go with acrylic panels are many.  While polycarbonate and glass panels are often seen as the standard choice when it comes to such panels, there are numerous advantages to going with something acrylic as an alternative.

First of all, acrylic panels are less likely to break or shatter.  You could almost say that they’re somewhat bendable.  If you have an area in mind that may be prone to physical contact, an acrylic panel may definitely make more logical sense.

People also appreciate the fact that acrylic panels come in a wider variety of colors.  Whether you’re looking for something transparent, black, white, tinted, or colored in some other variety, you should have no problem finding some decorative acrylic panels that meet your needs as far as cosmetics are concerned.

The fact that acrylic is lighter wait than its counterparts is also seen as a plus.  This makes things easier to implement and install, which owners naturally appreciate.

Yet another plus of acrylic panels is the fact that they’re generally seen as the most weather resistant of the bunch.  You won’t see them influenced by fog and rain in the manner that others will, and they hold up very well under hotter conditions as well.  The fact that they’re very easy to see through and generally more resistant to dirt and other materials than others makes these long lasting in comparison.

Like glass, acrylic panels are very workable when it comes to molding them.  They can be cut and shaped with ease, and drilling and painting is just as feasible as well.  The capacity to customize these acrylic sheets is a major plus in the minds of many.

As far as pricing is concerned, acrylic panels are usually measured in price per square foot.  The range that you’ll pay will depend on a number of different factors.  For one, the maker of the panels might influence it.  Additionally, the weight per square foot plays into things, as the heavier ones will generally be seen as higher quality.  Factoring into the weight of acrylic panels is also the thickness of each.

As far as maintaining your acrylic panels goes, they won’t require much maintenance on a whole.  However, the use of something like wipes and cleaning kits will definitely make a difference.  Depending upon the placement of your acrylic panels (outdoor vs. indoor), the frequency will vary.  Having said that, you shouldn’t have much of a problem maintaining these.

What you end up paying for your acrylic panels will really depend upon the use, the size, and the customization of them.  For example, outdoor acrylic panels used for things like restaurant specials may run at $100-300 per unit, depending upon the size, while an acrylic panel for a light may cost as little as $20.

At the end of the day, these are used for such a wide variety of things that the best you can do is to search through the many online retailers and read as many reviews as possible.

At the end of the day, you’ve made a wise choice to go with acrylic panels.  Enjoy yours, whichever they may be.